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No, they do it so people

No, they do it so people don't bitch to them that their shit doesn't work. They do it for their own good. Apple isn't draconian because it's not forced on us. Apple doesn't oppose unlocking, the carriers do. Phones cost much more than you pay for them from a carrier. They subsidize the cost, and if everyone could just buy an phone every day to sell it for 3-4x more, they wouldn't be in business. If you don't like it, but an unlocked phone. That is pointless and a waste of money, since you will still wind up paying the same per month for service. Non-subsidized service is not cheaper. Jailbreaking is not illegal. Apple will never try to levy criminal charges against any individual for jailbreaking their device. All they do is just refuse to support a jailbroken product. If you need warranty support, all you have to do is restore it to factory condition and they are none-the-wiser. I'm a person who likes to tinker, so I never get warranties, anyway.

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