Comment: Let's have a look at what is going on here

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Let's have a look at what is going on here

We have a guy a Mr. Chris Duane from The Silver Shield, Who has developed a Cult. Think of them like his heard. Well some members of his heard have come to see that one of the objectives of the heard and one of the fundemental principles behind the cult can be achieved by using Bitcoins. That principle being walking away from an evil system. Some members are starting to see that using Bitcoins instead of dollars actually bypasses the Federal Reserve system, It actually diminishes the power of central banks and works to end the debt and death power structure. See, The members who realize this have come to see that they can still hold on their ideas about Gold and Silver but fundamentally what eventually needs to happen is for them to stop using dollars. Well Bitcoins is a great way to do this. However This is a big no no for Chris. He can't have his Cult thinking such things. See he profits dearly from his heard. He sells them his Medallions and shirts and posters and so forth raking in profits for him. If His heard start buying some Bitcoins instead of some of his Medallions well, there goes some of his profit. Chris can't have this so he puts out a fear mongering propaganda campaign against his competition. Nevermind that it works to undermine the power the elitist posses and which he rallied against and built his brand on that opposition. Nevermind that... What's important to Chris is that he keep his heard in check so he can continue to Milk them for whatever they got.

Don't be a sheep People. Don't be part of some collective heard following your Shepard and all he says. Come out from the Cult like trance you people have been put into and think for your selves.

Do you support the evil FIAT dollar system or do you want to work to end it? Do you support Liberty or do you support the Tyrants that look to undermine our freedom? It comes down to that simple Question. No one is saying to not buy Gold and Silver. No one is saying that Bitcoins is the end all be all. What people are trying to tell you is that if you really want to walk away from the system, if you really want to strike a blow to the bankers, STOP USING DOLLARS! If you want to use Gold, silver, peanuts, shells, or Bitcoins that's up to you but for Liberty sake stop using Freaking Dollars.

In my opinion Bitcoins is definitely a great way to transact and a viable currency. Maybe you don't share this opinion and thats fine but don't get on your soap Box and start knocking people who are actually working to end the Fed by using some alternative currency while your sorry butt is over there making love to Ben Bernanke and his FRN's. Stop being that Hypocrite bastard.