Comment: Why is there less activism at DP?

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Why is there less activism at DP?

Irregardless of the differing opinions about Ron Paul, the fact is, he's done more to promote the merits of limited Constitutional government than any politician in my lifetime. And that's what's important to Constitutionalists like me who want a return to the enumerated powers doctrine and the states rights codified in the tenth amendment.

DP management does seem to emphasize chatter over activist solutions and this conflicts with their mission to restore Constitutional government. That's part of the reason I posted "Is Ron Paul an anarchist? I didn't think so but..." in the DP Liberty Forum. I suspected there are many anarchists at DP who hide behind Ron Paul's ideas of limited government. The response to my post proved I was right and may explain the lack of effort to reclaim our Republic. Anarchists want the Republic to fail because they want an end to all government. Is it possible that DP management have anarchist tendencies? Here's the link to my post on anarchists and Ron Paul. (stand up for your second amendment rights) (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)