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She'll probably say

"If he's in the middle of an active terrorist plot, then of course he has that right" We would probably agree.

The issue is whether a non-combatant, a "pre"-terrorist, if you will, having been named a terrorist because he pays in cash and has a facebook friend in Pakistan, can be arbitrarily designated a terrorist by the Administration, and taken out as part of squelching an "imminent" threat.

There's a lot of specifics involved.

We already know that the government has set up false flags. What worries me most is that someone could be blown up in their home or business by a drone missile, and the government now has two options. They could call it a terrorist action, and that the victims were innocent, or they could call it a counter-terrorist action, and that the victims were terrorists. Either way, they can use it for justification to expand fear and tyranny.