Comment: I HATE this kind of politcal attack. We are better than this.

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I HATE this kind of politcal attack. We are better than this.

Please vote this kind of 'joke' down. We are BETTER than this.

Look, I saw a liberal attack on Rand Paul's hair and his short stature.
I recall hearing liberals on the radio call Ron Paul "the turtle" because of his age..... "Did you see the GOP debate last night? Who was that turtle up there?"....."Oh you mean that crazy nutjob Ron Paul, what racist quack. Now they are really dipping to the bottom of the barrel to pull out this David Duke loving yokal from texas who says he was a baby doctor"...... "A baby doctor?! Yikes, I don't want no racist gran-daddy turtle to be president, are you flipping kidding me!!."

Talk about how Michelle Obama lost her license to practice law and why. Talk about her socialist leaning speeches and explain why those ideas don't hunt. Talk about how her ideas, the good or bad ones.... but don't do this kind of low-life political attack.

Please down vote and get this off the DP.


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