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Digging a little deeper

I'm not completely convinced that people would be so quick to lose their morals. Follow along and I'll explain.

To my way of thinking, the most base root cause of every problem I can find in the world (and I've been watching for years now) is comparative poverty. I don't mean people are actually poor but more like they're poorer than they think they should be. In short, we have been duped into tying our social standing to our personal (and controlled) wealth. We need to see our social ladder stand on its own, apart from any monetary issues.

If this were the case, then we would only have to fear those psychopaths that truly want to amass wealth/control for their personal power. I tend to think that's a pretty small percentage of people. (like less than 0.001%) In all other cases, should a person earn what they believe fair for their effort, they will likely choose work over theft.

The rest of the problems, like rape, molestation, murder and even war or the lesser degree social ones like welfare, abortion, gay rights, etc. all seem to stem from unrest (on one side or the other) over what others are doing because someone feels short changed.

If you haven't seen in yet, you might want to watch Zeitgeist: Moving Forward. Not for it's solutions but for it's research on how people respond to being suppressed financially. Scarcity has trickle down effects that I believe have wrongly become labeled human nature.

So, if we can solve the monetary problem (easy from my perspective), we will have eliminated the vast majority of problems with people ruling over others. We might even be able to accept that any form of government, operated under altruistic motives, would yield equal results. At that point, it's a simple decision to ask for on whether we should take a big leap or remain under the Constitution. I just feel very strongly that the former underlying question needs solved before we even ask the latter one.