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Racist? Please.

If you never saw posts like this when Laura Bush was First Lady, a position in which you serve as a role model, likely it was because Laura never dressed in a revealing blouse and skin-tight leather jeans when attending children's events. (Surely neither did Hillary Clinton.) This "awards show" is for Nickelodeon viewers, who do the voting. Who are their viewers? Programming is primarily directed to girls 8-16 years old, with some pre-school programming directed to children 2-6.

But the inappropriate attire is just insult added to injury - the cost to American taxpayers to fund the outfits, accommodation, security, & transportation. Like Michelle Obama's having a role at the Academy Awards, no doubt the appearance at this Hollywood-promoting event was designed to curry favor with liberals. They're losing patience. Yesterday's headline at the Huffington Post: "GOP Senator Eviscerates Obama Drone Policy, Targeted Killings In John Brennan Filibuster... 'Are We Going To Give Up Our Rights To Politicians?'... 'Where Is The Barack Obama Of 2007?'" See also today's post:

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