Comment: What is the point of this post?

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What is the point of this post?

Really? Are we here to talk bout liberty, non intervention, peace, prosperity, sound money and Ron Paul or are we here to discuss the First Lady's outfit? This is stepping LOWER than Fox News. We all know there's a laundry list of good reasons to criticize the president and his wife but this is wasting everyone's time.

Look at me wasting my time responding to you!
For an elite spending less than $2000 on clothes to an award show is actually quite thrifty. Not here to defend her, but she also is the first lady to wear vintage clothes, wears target brand, etc. Sure it's all for show and doesn't matter, but then again: WHY ARE WE DISCUSSING WHAT SHE WEARS? simply a non issue.

So bottom line, poor attack, poor delivery, waste of time and you paint a negative image on the DP. You are what I would call: THE CANCER.

Let's get back to the issues, folks!