Comment: The more I learn and experience...

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The more I learn and experience...

The more I realize that there are only two types of political affiliation.

You're either a Tyrannist or an Anti-Tyrannist. To support ANY form of government is to support Tyrannic gradualism. Therefore, the only logical solution is militant individualism (a minority of armed citizens willing to resist all coercion).

It's really a simple and effective fix. We've been taught to believe that the absence of law is the destruction of peace and freedom. Wrong. Total anarchy is the only path toward true freedom. Liberty is a fabrication. Government cannot protect you; it can only enslave you. Government tells you that it must exist in order to save you from the dog-eat-dog law of the jungle. Self-preservation, personal responsibility, and complete independence are the laws of the jungle. THIS IS THE JUNGLE. Our DNA has not magically reorganized itself into a conformance with global civilization.

Segregation is the natural and welcome result. People with so much ideological variance should not be expected to create a functional society. I suggest tribal stratification. Let the "socialists/communists" have their utopia. Let the individualists exist independently and form a natural system of leaderless cooperation.

Natural selection will be the judge.

The forced, unnatural coalescence we endure today will only fuel the early eradication of our species.