Comment: Her fashion immoral? It was inappropriate for the occasion.

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Her fashion immoral? It was inappropriate for the occasion.

What's immoral isn't the fashion but exorbitant cost to Americans taxpayers - no less to help promote Hollywood/Hollywood celebrities, no less for Michelle "We have a children's obesity problem in America" Obama to be helping to promote what greatly contributes to the obesity problem: the hours each day children SIT in front of a screen watching tv & movies. [I don't mean to imply that the effect on physical health is the only deleterious effect of our children's obsession with media.] The inappropriateness of the outfit to the occasion, the cost to taxpayers, and the overt hypocrisy is what makes this post "not racist." I'd be interested to hear if you have anything to support your accusation besides raising the irrelevant issue of Laura Bush's more conservative outfits not having inspired any Daily Paul posts.

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