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Comment: People had a choice, and they

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People had a choice, and they

People had a choice, and they let a plotting evil in. It's as simple as that. The constitution didn't allow it, the 'elite' changed it to suit their needs. They got their guys in, and changed things slowly over time. I think we should return to it but make it unamendable.

I also don't think states should have powers that the federal government doesn't have:

Why should the federal level have no say in who can marry, but the power should be in the states? They should have no say in it as well, and it should not be something that's licensed.

Alcohol, drugs, tobacco...everything should be legal and states shouldn't even regulate it. If you are a slimy businessman and sell that shit to kids, people should burn down your store.

If a business wants to discriminate with hiring or by who they allow in their establishment, they should be allowed to. I believe that people should have the right to segregate their private business. A person's business should have no fewer rights than they do in their home. Smoking inside can be lumped in here.

The only power states should have is by their people, and the only recognizable right they should have as a state is to not be a part of this union.

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