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I didn't mention in my post

I didn't mention in my post above another point. When I first came to DP I did so in search of information about Ron Paul. At the time I found out he was running in 07, I became addicted to reading and watching anything RP and was scouring DIGG to fuel my habit. I was led to this site before DIGG banned DP and then changed their algorithm to ban RP news. I came here for RP news and info and then began enjoying the alternative news and info discussed here by like minded people - I think the honest dissemination of a variety of info and viewpoints kept me coming back. I began to come here to get news in general about politics and the economy. I also began frequenting LRC. I never expected either site to focus on activism. Honestly, I never came here for activism related efforts, at the time it only was a pipedream that we could have any influence or ever connect with other liberty people, though activism efforts were naturally spawned on this site as a result of coming together here, as I alluded to in the post above. I don't believe this ever was an activism focused site and if ever it tried to be only that it would probably lose its mojo. Nystrom has done an amazing job stewarding this thing to be a very cool site. I am continually amazed by his patience and vision. So just as you lament the focus away from activism, some of us could get frustrated that it doesn't completely focus on RP news. But, that would be silly because it is what users make it, and its all good.