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Comment: You type in your county and GOP central committee

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You type in your county and GOP central committee

Go to your state GOP central committee home page and look up events, find out when the next meeting is and go.

When I first began going, over a year ago, I knew very little about a central committee. I was a guest for over a year. I petititoned for ballot access and won my default a seat on the committee, but before I won my elected seat, I was appointed the seat. Today, there are atleast 4 Ron Paul Republicans seated on the committee.

You may go and find you have Ron Paul Republicans.. you may have a seat open in your county distroct or not, but still, it's good to go and see what grassroots efforts you can help.. there are also other groups.. campaign for Liberty, Republican Liberty Caucus, for two.

The only regret I have is not joining the GOP in 07.