Comment: Just how powerful is freedom?

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Just how powerful is freedom?

I like the Ebay example. Prior to paypal, Ebay was a purely anarchist society. There was no police and no way to get your money back if you got ripped off and contracts were not honored.

People sent money to unknown parties and hoped they got their product. The customers recourse was one thing and one thing only... Negative feedback.

Did some people get ripped off... Of course. But the economic cost in ostracism from the community was so great, that is was a very very very low percentage.... and in just a few short years. (6 I think) Ebay became the 32nd biggest economy in the world. (Bigger than Greece, when Greece was humming along.)

That is the power of removing bureaucracy and force, and relying on markets to punish dishonorable people.

Compare that to the massive theft that goes unpunished by bankers, big pharma, military industrial complex, and politicians. And the horrific economy that follows.
Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.