Comment: Rand did a good job and I am

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Rand did a good job and I am

Rand did a good job and I am glad he did however having said that this response is meaningless. Obama holder and the Administration are liars they have lied about everything and they are lying about this.

The Good thing about this is that now it is on record the people will be justified in bringing them to justice when they fire hell fire missiles on Americans on American soil. And mark my words they will!

They will justify it with a false flag attack on the government by some supposed patriot group and then America will be the battlefield.

Sorry but this is the way it is. We are way beyond politics here. This is to little to late we are still playing politics while they are massing for war against us...

Lets see, Drones, billions of bullets, thousands of guns, light armored tanks, military training in joint operations in cities with local police, pushing disarming of veterans and the people in general etc etc etc.

Hello people...

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