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Silver/gold and Bitcoin can

Silver/gold and Bitcoin can live in harmony. I think anyone putting all their savings in Bitcoin is foolish, but buying a few and participating in this isn't a bad idea. I'm going to buy one or maybe two and hold onto them. If it goes nowhere I'm out 50$, nothing serious.

I think if it gets really big I'd use it like cash, and silver as a "bank" for savings. Then I could transition easy if/when the dollar dies. A post-bank world where you just have Bitcoins encrypted on your home computer/flash drive/phone and silver/gold savings hidden safe would be cool.

edit: and of course always carry a couple silver quarters/dimes for emergencies where an internet connection isn't possible, for whatever reason. And if something really bad happened and electricity wasn't possible for weeks I'd still have my savings and food/water and stuff.

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