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Once the "sovereign" is small enough...

In my opinion, once the group of people is small enough where you can move away and be somewhere else in a half hour after packing, how private or public things are become delightfully trivial.

I'm an anarchist myself, but I would totally imagine joining a community that had a neighborhood association fees to cover communal security, perhaps fire, garbage removal, wastewater and maybe some recreation facilities. Public grounds maintenance. Maybe not school, but maybe.

The fees would sort of look like taxes and the association rules would resemble laws and the council - probably democratic - would look like governors, etc. But if you could leave easily and find another neighborhood or even somewhere disorganized (if that suited you - or even the wilds) than it would be pretty voluntary at that point.

So, oddly, once you clobber the warfare/welfare state, get rid of the 300MM sovereign, kill corporatism, get rid of taxes, get rid of big centralized regulatory agencies, et al, the debate of how drunk teens and random thugs are shooed from neighborhood streets probably becomes a kind of boring debate. In a good way!

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