Comment: That doesn't go far enough.

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That doesn't go far enough.

That doesn't go far enough. No citizen under any circumstance can be bombed with a drone. Drones should not be used for any purpose within US borders except during a foreign invasion.

What Holder confirmed completely misses the point. They are going to claim that certain US citizens are actually domestic terrorists and are thus engaged in combat on US soil and use drones on them - that is the entire purpose of the drone army. Holder basically leaves the door open for that option. They are putting 30,000 drones in our skies.

We need to outlaw any and all drones from being used by domestic law enforcement, DHS, military within US borders. Simply by allowing them to be put in place ensures they will be used for whatever purposes they deem necessary.

In order to prove that a US citizen has engaged in combat they should have to prove that that is the case - they can apprehend that suspect without the use of drones.