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I did not realize the level of folks here who

thumbed up your lame post below. So I admit I was naive thinking that my "okie-dockie" reply would be understood "think and you will see mistake in your post."

YOUR Q: But in answer to your question: You could stop using the insurance company and detective agency and tell your friends to do the same. Competition breeds excellence. With many "voluntary governments" insurance agencies, etc vying for your business, you stand a much better chance of getting good service than now.

A: You may have 10 daughters you can go around with trial and error regarding their well-being. But normal people will stay with UNIFORM LAWS and more or less PREDICTABLE courts and police. At least their leaders are electable. If you still have brains left, you will understand that anarchism collapses into mafia-controlled dispair. There will be no freedom to chose from in the field of force (security, imprisonment, etc.) Only one option - for a new mafia to fight in for security market share (power.)