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Fancy talk

Where you 5 years ago?

Talking about "power grabs"; the glorious "constitution" was the biggest slick power grab in this entire country's history.

In one short period of time this country went from a decentralized government to a centralized system which has provided us with all the benefits of tyranny.

Patrick Henry was opposed to the constitution.

If the thing was so simple to understand then there would've been no need for an interpretation of what any of the Amendments mean.

All Rand said were a bunch of words that accomplished nothing.

The POWER is going to do what it wants to do and there's not much you or I can do about it.

The average cluck doesn't care two hoots about drones over the long as they can move one of their fingers to wipe their stupid iPhones, play "twitter" and text message games, get assinine tattoos, watch the circuses of sports and TV they could care less.

Mandatory "health" insurance was never stopped.

We've never been able to get rid of the social security system.

We couldn't stop the Bailout (you weren't around back then).

We haven't been able to stop voter fraud.

We haven't been able to "End the Fed".

We haven't been able to end the secret prisons, torture, rendition, and illegal wars.

Heck, we weren't even able to stop the CFL light bulb fiasco!!!!

So what makes you think any of you will be able to have an effect upon the current state of affairs?!

All we can do is suffer under it and pray some good will come. As to the latter point I wouldn't count on it.