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Here is my test, sir

What is missing in the history of America where the speaker goes all the way back in time to The Constitution?"

Well, I was thinking that he was speaking of a time in the late 1700’s prior to the constitution because the next example was restoring the constitution and the example prior to that was the constitution and to both of the constitutional examples the speaker indicated that restoring the constitution was nebulous, but the example in the middle of restoring things to the way they were in the late 1700’s was a knowable objective..

What is missing in identifying the enemies of Liberty when the speaker lists the enemies as those people who resort to violence to impose their will upon non-violent people?"

The enemies of liberty not mentioned are the legal criminals who may not resort to violence at the start, but rather resort to perverting the law in their favor…but then again, they will resort to violence when need be to preserve their monopoly, and when all else fails, they reboot the system.

My grade, please.

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