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What does the box do?

To mine them, you have to buy a box. What does it do? Can you assure me it does not read my hard drive and send THAT data to the cloud? And after I buy a box, with my slow computer and non-gamer video card, what are the chances I will ever make a single bitcoin? They made it pretty clear I would have to upgrade to gamer quality video card, and the cheapest box is over $600. That is a serious investment, for something that will force me to upgrade a computer that I don't want to upgrade, plus get hi-speed internet that I don't want to get. What if I do not want to use the internet for my transactions at all?
I am fully cognizant that a LOT of people are embracing a very technology-driven future, I just don't want to go that route, I think it is the wrong way. Not all technology is bad, but I believe technology has reduced our human-ness, and that to fulfill our human potential we must return to a simpler way of life in general. Less computers, more gardens.
And CIA and DARPA are not people I want tangled with my finances at all. If it does not bother you, OK, but it seems like something people would at least want to know about.

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