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1. The fact that worshipers

1. The fact that worshipers are the majority in no way leads to a conclusion that worshipers are the "most fit", as there has never been a proportionally congruous control group of "non-worshipers" with which to compete (of course, this hypothetical competition would be irrelevant, unless it is your assertion that worshipers are more fit because they are more likely to murder holders of alternative beliefs). It only proves that most people are worshipers and that the propensity of religion is a natural human trait. Religion is a part of our common heritage. Travel back to the paleolithic era and you'll most likely find the same levels of deistic worship.

2. If the "good" religious people are the "most fit", why is it that they live as slaves in a a society manipulated by overlords whom adhere to Luciferian doctrine? Wouldn't they be the "most fit"?

3. Why have "God's moral Laws" been bastardized and polluted with inflated government laws? Don't you think that God's laws should be left up to God to police and punish? What makes you think that man has the authority to properly interpret and rule on the laws of God? How does man and his government, in any form it my take, respect the laws of God without those laws being twisted by the fallible nature of man? Wouldn't each follower of God be more righteously justified in applying the laws of God to his or her own life rather that by forcing a flawed human interpretation of God's laws upon others?

4. Do you really believe that the governments of the world have been "promoting the good"?

5. Slavery was never abolished. Have you ever heard of human trafficking, sex slavery, forced labor, and ritual abuse? These practices are supported and proliferated by the very governments you defend.

6. As I believe in voluntary segregation, not enslavement, I still fail to see how your comments about who is most "fit" are a reply to anything I've said. I'm far from an anti-theist, as I believe in the individualistic nature of man, and I posses my own spiritual beliefs, although I'm sure they differ quite greatly from your own. My comments are not an attack on any belief other than Tyrannist thought.