Comment: Not impressed.

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Not impressed.

Most of these "domestic terror" attacks turn out to be dupes set up by the FBI. Rand would have gotten triple brownie points for bringing that up.
No American has been injured in these "foiled bomb plots." Instead, the person is apprehended, and something vaguely resembling justice is served. Rand would have gotten a brownie point for pointing that out.
Instead, Rand agrees that it would be OK to use a drone to take out a man - and who knows how many innocent bystanders? Rand seems to comfy with "collateral damage" on American soil to suit me.
And never mind that the drone would have no more knowledge than the FBI gives it, so it could not know any sooner than a human that someone was planning an attack. The drone hunted for Dorner AFTER he allegedly committed his crimes, it did not prevent them.
Rand also seems to think drones in Pakistan are OK.

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