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To each his own

I dont value Bitcoins as an investment but for their utility. I believe it is so much more an efficient and honest system than the dollar that eventually it will be a real force. With the manipulation of the Dollar people are not receiving value for their goods. For instance silver at $29 is not a free market number but one in which the powers at be have manipulated. Honestly, I'd sell my silver for Bitcoins before dollars. I think this will be an eventual trend as people get tired of the paper ponzi scheme. Then Bitcoins will become a currency on it's own with goods and services not priced in Dollars but in bitcoin. Theoritically I think the price of Bitcoin in dollars should be in the thousands. So this lil spike doesn't bother me. I think we will see much more jolts like this especially as it becomes much more popular. My Prediction... Bitcoin at $300 in 6 months. $800 in a year..