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Comment: So I have to subscribe to

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So I have to subscribe to

So I have to subscribe to your medival peasant control religeon in order to hold principals in liberty? Kindly keep your ridiculous and xenaphobic god-boy crap off of me? Im sick of this elitest garbage. You may need a ficticious monarch to rule your life so you can believe in natural law(dispite the two having nothing in common), however the many non-religeous liberty minded people out there don't need to believe in fairy tales and cosmic kings to have reason and principal. Nor do we appreciate people like you trying to spread your nonsense on us by telling us we can't have principal without your collectivist coersion-based myths.

If you don't like people bashing your religeon, quit using it to insult us by saying we can't have principal without it. Ill leave you alone if you leave me alone. Thats what liberty is about.