Comment: You cannot “reason” with an OBJECTIVIST

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You cannot “reason” with an OBJECTIVIST

The people sold their ideas very well on the other thread and put you in your place. I see you moved over here to espouse you elitist crap. Mark did you really say ”survival of the fittest will prove that those who believe in a Creator are the most fit.”…….Your hold yourself out to be a Christian……either you are disappointing Jesus or Ayn Rand… can’t serve two master.
Please don’t even waste your time on this guy, he is an Objectivist Troll. These people hate Rothbard because he exposed Rand for being nothing more than the elitist she was. Their reality has no truth……it’s a religion to them…….just like Scientology……..hey wasn’t that religion started by a fiction writer too!
You cannot reason with them because if Rand didn’t say it they won’t believe it……man talk about “parrots”

There’s no “reason” for me to defend Rothbard ……when he does it so well himself.

Neither Liberty Nor Reason
There seems to be only one way to resolve the contradiction in the Randian strategic outlook of extreme sectarianism within the libertarian movement, coupled with extreme opportunism, and willingness to coalesce with slightly more conservative heads of State, in the outside world. That resolution, confirmed by the remainder of our analysis of the cult, holds that the guiding spirit of the Randian movement was not individual liberty – as it seemed to many young members – but rather personal power for Ayn Rand and her leading disciples. For power within the movement could be secured by totalitarian isolation and control of the minds and lives of every member; but such tactics could scarcely work outside the movement, where power could only hopefully be achieved by cozying up the President and his inner circles of dominion.
Thus, power not liberty or reason, was the central thrust of the Randian movement. The major lesson of the history of the movement to libertarians is that It Can Happen Here, that libertarians, despite explicit devotion to reason and individuality, are not exempt from the mystical and totalitarian cultism that pervades other ideological as well as religious movements. Hopefully, libertarians, once bitten by the virus, may now prove immune.

"Before we can ever ask how things might go wrong; we must first explain how they could ever go right"