Comment: Not technically (per WH policy, obviously) but

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Not technically (per WH policy, obviously) but

it has brought greater public awareness to the issue--which is significant indeed.

Plus, just the rhetorical question posed and the admin's lackluster response reveal a sort of truth to many Americans, more of whom now view the federal government and this admin appropriately with greater suspicion. And many of us are / feel vindicated, too, and this is PRICELESS.

Another nail in the coffin for the corporate MSM propaganda media machine, too, per their deliberately deficient coverage of an important issue. CFR / war-monger whore republicans show true colors also (Never mind Dick Durbin trying to use the worn out 9/11 justification, which most intelligent Americans now know is something close to a farce. The winds are changing....). And who but the dumbest of our fellow citizens can have any respect for the responses of McCain and Graham?! LOL!

More cynicism is not necessarily good, but more constructive skepticism IS. Real liberals (non-commie, pro-freedom types) now realize they have a little more in common with libertarian types, too.

Net gain, methinks.

Plus, it's good political theater. I mean, when was the last time we had an honest politician on CSPAN railing against our shitty, Constitution-stomping federal government... for 13 hours... and getting SERIOUS props and publicity?!

Good stuff!

What would the Founders do?