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I called both offices of

I called both offices of Tester and Baucus and asked their receptionist about the delinquencies of both senators for failing to support Rand's filibuster. Both receptionists hemmed and hawed while fumbling words about some other commitment. Well, senators, evidently you think the issue of allowing the POTUS to unilaterally attack a citizen of a sovereign state which will provoke another civil war isn't really important. Montanans should remember this indifference by Tester and Baucus to the possibility of being targeted when they vote in 2014 and beyond.

A new slogan for senators absent in the stand against unilateral attacks on American citizens by the POTUS and the US military, "Where Were You?" Although written about the aftermath of hurricane, Katrina, I'm reminded of the lyrics to Jackson Browne's song, "Where Were You", when I think of these indifferent senators.