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Here's my explanation

While I will submit to you that starting the conversation about gross civil liberty violations (as Rand did do with this filibuster ) is an important step toward educating the public about the abuses of our government, I'm loathe to see so many people place their faith in:

A.) A politcal elite that does not care for the consutution (support of one man or one idea does not change a corrupt party, of which both the reps/dems represent.)

B.) One man who happens to be a libertarian-leaning Republican who has shown a tendency towards those sacred cows of neo-conservatism (the israel trip, commentary about the supposedly unique relationship America/Israel have together, his support for the 2013 version of the NDAA as listed in my first post).

I am not trying to disuade people from being hopeful; if hope and blind faith sustain people, then so be it, that is their right. I too was hopeful this last election year RestoreOurNation, hopeful that the GOP might not sabotage itself, hopeful that Rand would have had the gumption to stand up to the GOP and not endorse Romney, hopeful that Dr. Paul would have been given a fair shake, hopeful that rule changes and blatant abuses wouldn't have happened to the duly elected delegates at the GOP convention; I was wrong.

You ask me to "explain my plan of action" and I am glad to do it, that's a fair question and I need to be honest and address it for you.

1. I have a small garden where I grow organic fruits/vegetables. I'm constantly working with people who are new to gardening and teaching them how to grow their own heirloom foods and how to properly dry/can/utilize them in their cooking. Doing this is one way that I will reach out to individuals. I'll usually hook and bait them with info about GMOs, etc, and they'll be shocked to find out what's happening. From this point, if works are good, I'll turn them onto some liberty-minded literature.

2. Each month I buy $100 worth of liberty-oriented books. Creature From Jekyll Island, End The Fed, selected works of Hayek/mises, etc. I try and turn people onto commentators like Tom Woods and Stefan Molyneux; if people respond in kind, I simply ask that they pass along what they know to their local friends/family who can be "converted" to such beliefs. If not, at least I've exposed them to my beliefs.

3. I am a registered Indendent and vote in local/state elections. I try especially to educate people in my city about Agenda 21 and various schemes that the federal government is attempting to do; this type of coalition building bypasses political alligences and religious dogma so I've found it to be very effective.

I am sorry about my outburst, but I do feel that a top-down national solution is fruitless and a waste of energy. I'd rather have 100 of my neighbors that have disconnected from "playing the game" of trying to work within the system instead of 10,000 supporters of any given politician. Rand has done some good with this filibuster in waking people up out of their trance, I cede that. I have gone from neoconservative-->moderate-->libertarian-->anarcho-capitalist in my polical transformation. I am seeking ways to live and prosper with liberty that is outside of reliance on the State. I apologize for not considering that others still have faith in the system; perhaps some good will come of it. I've simply learned to replace hope with action, and will never go back to supporting parties outside of a local/state setting. I hope this clears up some things about me; I want liberty and freedom just as much as anyone else on this board, though my means differ greatly.

“Facts don’t cease to exist because they are ignored.” – Aldous Huxley