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Can you help me understand what this means:

"They're using Linda Graham to drive the lambs to Rand."

In my mind I was thinking...good...let the Republican Party be divided and those that are for Liberty shine so that those that are for Tyranny cannot hide.

But then I read your words, and I find that there may be something greater at work that I do not understand. So any help you can send my way is appreciated.

Also, the thing that bothers me is they keep talking about dropping a hellfire missile on a non-combatant suspect in a Boston café…what about the rest of the patrons? Are they just rendered “collateral” damage? What if the person in the Boston café is combatant, is it then OK to drop the hellfire missile? What about the innocent people at the café? And what is the difference between a drone strike and some other manned air drop? It is an hellfire missile for goodness sake. Not a single bullet. That thing would like the whole café up.

Why are we even talking about dropping missiles in the United States period?

What an irony...they are talking about disarming Americans and at the same time talking about dropping missiles on