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Comment: I don't want to see any drones

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I don't want to see any drones

flying over the USA, for any reason. I don't want weaponized drones, and I don't want ones used to spy on us, either.

Another thing that has come to mind, but that I haven't expressed online until now is this:

An article the other day stated that a pilot in NY saw a drone--if I remember correctly, it was when he was in the process of landing. Since these things are UNMANNED, what happens when one malfunctions, say near an airport and is in a direct-collision course with an inbound or outgoing airplane? No "quick-thinking reflexes" can be employed to prevent a possible collision (on the part of the drones)since THEY ARE UNMANNED! What then, huh? Do any of the slimy drone lobbyists and/or slimy politicians who will be making a bundle should these 'things' take to our skies have an answer to this scenario? Or do they even care?
To be quite honest, I don't want to see any drones employed ANYWHERE.

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