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Comment: This is not meant to be negative. I think that there truly is...

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This is not meant to be negative. I think that there truly is...

something very important going on here. I would like to add this one point to this discussion regarding the Mayan Calendar. Back in the late seventies, I remember people believing that the end of the Mayan Calendar would be a significant type of event... but back then, '78 or '79, people were at that time, thinking that that Calendar ended on December 24th 1984. So back then they supposedly "knew" that it ended on 12/24/1984. Then people "knew" that it ended on 12/12/2012. I don't know if there is really anyone around today that really knows for sure exactly what that calendar says. And lets not forget that our Calendar has changed and been messed with at least once. Didn't we go from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar? And I've heard all my life that those two Calendars are anywhere from four to seven years off from one another, but I cannot recall if we are supposedly four to seven years early or four to seven years late! And I'd bet that the calendars that we've been using have changed more than just that once that I am aware of. So at this point I really don't know what to think.

Larry in North Carolina
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