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Comment: How about a competitive viewpoint or two?

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How about a competitive viewpoint or two?

"When the righteous turneth from his righteousness, and committeth iniquity, he shall even die thereby. 1"

While pretending to be a subject of the FUND, oops, I mean a citizen of the Nation State, doing my "duty" and placing stamps on bills to be sent to various monopoly power companies, gas, electric, water, whatever.

I'm placing these stamps which look like American Flags up-side-down on the letters. Each Flag has one of three words written on the Stamp under the Flag.


I'm thinking, while pretending to obey orders without question, doing my duty, paying the tax, knowing how wrong it is, and thinking, well, what is Freedom, Liberty, and Justice?

Freedom is when someone can just punch some innocent person in the nose.

Liberty is when the victim then can cut the free person's hand off, for punching an innocent person in the nose.

Justice is when no one else gives either of those two the time of day from that day forward, without some serious negotiating done honestly.

Also, I'm watching all these flags at half mast, while the sky is getting sprayed from blue to white today. Why not make the flag poles half as high since the flags are at half mast all the time now. Then the flags can be lowered even lower, then save more on flag pole costs by cutting then down again. Pretty soon the flags will be on the ground, then lower, all the way to hell eventually.

I like this flag: