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1. What is missing in the

What is missing in the history of America where the speaker goes all the way back in time to The Constitution?

There was no mention of The Articles of Confederation. That was missing, and missing that example of a voluntary, competitive, free market of government leads the ignorant confused and wondering if, or what, can work to solve the seemingly unsolvable problem of crime, and crime made legal.

What is missing in identifying the enemies of Liberty when the speaker lists the enemies as those people who resort to violence to impose their will upon non-violent people?

I noticed the missing element while speaking with the people running the Libertarian Party, during my effort to gain access to a Seat in Congress at the National Level. You are right, or I think you are right, but to put it more simply the missing element is deception.

Libertarians and capitalists are fond of pointing out how bad it is to be aggressively violent upon innocent people, but they are not as keen on confessing just how destructive false advertizements can be, like all those false things said by Menger and Rothbard about how wealth doesn't exist without scarcity, and how Stephen Pearl Andrews lost his brains, etc.

Benjamin Tucker points that out well too.

"My grade, please."

I think the judge who grades is not me, that happens on judgment day. I was only pretending to be a teacher.