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Comment: actually not to belabor Civil War and the English interference

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actually not to belabor Civil War and the English interference

in depth, but I must disagree with your point about Lincoln.

He was pure evil.

The banksters, mainly in 19th century context, Bank of England and the Crown have never let up their attempt to 'soft'-hijack America since 'losing' it in 1792. The banksters never fully accomplished that until 1913. I do 'get' what you mean by the officiated martial law under Lincoln, but 'legally' technically, it has been 'restored.'

It really wasn't until FDR that the current iteration of this particular police state has been in effect. Even the recently alerted National Resources take over Exec. Order signed by oBUSHma isn't really all that 'new' per-se, as those illegal powers are also outlined under the 1933 Nat.Em.Act.

But if we were to say that Lincoln's aim was to restore the republic, I'd strongly disagree. as we are republicS. He wanted to maintain a federal union. Technically, pretty big difference.

Now, historically, if one were to argue from the likes of Webster Tarpley's view, it's a 'good' thing that essentially, FDR simply took over the English empire from Churchill, as frankly in the finality, that is exactly what actually happened after the WWII. But if you want to get more esoteric 'deep state' history about it, it'd be more like if the Genoveses were in charge for 1500yrs, it simply shifted to the Gambinos. Hey, even FDR's granddaughter married into one of the Rothschilds' heirs.

Which, is why I always found it bemusing that Tarpley the Anglo-phobe always claims that FDR outfoxed the English Royals, when all that really happened was that the City of London banksters lent/shifted only the visible power center to NYC, from London, nothing more.

But, technically, we're still under the English maritime admiralty since 1913, when they, via Federal Reserve, were finally able to completely hijack 'back' America under English control.

In all practicality though, it kinda matters not who hijacked America, as to me, both Ruling Class factions are all tyrants to me; it's just a bunch of a-holes with different names and titles claiming dominion over me, before I were even born, but because we have all the modern trappings and guns, we seem relatively 'free.'

But one thing's for certain, when they physically come for the guns, their pretense of our 'freedom' goes out the window, even for the most brainwashed of the sheeple among us.

Unfortunately, or suppose fortunately for some, all signs indicate that they've never learned their lessons from the original American, nor the French Revolution. Hubris be blessed. lol.

Ringside seats my friend, whatever happens, it's sure to be epic, and interesting, to say the least.o)

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul