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Coconut oil

is very good for you. But I don't think it has nearly as many benefits as EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil. Coconut oil may have these particular 'brain health' effects, not sure if extra virgin olive oil has those same brain effects, but the list of other benefits that come from extra virgin olive oil are amazing! I ingest 3-8 tablespoons a day of the extra virgin olive oil, it is the only oil that is completely digestable,(ie. no runs), it clears the plague build up in the heart arteries, incredible source of antioxidants, lowers bad cholesterol AND raises good colesterol, clears skin up from the inside out, I could go on and on. Please check it out, I think coconut oil is amazing and may have specific benefits that extra virgin olive oil may not have, and vice versa. I've also been researching 'oil pulling', check it out for health reasons. Thanks for the post