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Comment: Boots on the Ground!

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Boots on the Ground!

After the beating we took from the GOP last year so many tucked their tails and walked away that the GOP thought that they had won. This year we have expanded our troop levels and have caucused other groups within the GOP to vote with us. At the county GOP level we have the strength and we are going to take the GOP back from the RINOs and Neo-cons! Armed with the party rules and Robert's Rules and our own Parliamentarians, the establishment will be shown the door.

This guy should be an inspiration to everyone that has had it with the staus quo and is sickened by the way that the "leaders" in Washington are pushing our country over the cliff, obliterating the Constitution and our Unalienable rights, destroying our currency, dumbing down our kids, ruining our food supply, drugging us, etc....

If you are not participating in politics at the local level you should at least inspire everyone you know to get out to vote.

The speed at which our elected leaders are turning this country into a total surveillance police state should have many more people actively protesting. Time may be running out before Martial Law is declared and we are herded into FEMA camps.

WE have to raise our voices now and take action to reinstate the Constitution as the Law of the Land and toss the traitors out on their ears.

All this starts at the county level. Get your boots on the ground!