Comment: Anything repugnant to the Constitution

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Anything repugnant to the Constitution

Is null and void. Period! Most of the people in congress are criminals who want these powers to destroy the people who might bring them to justice. If you truly understand the re-present concept that representatives are supposed to be doing you will find that none of the enactment in congress are valid. In short here is the conept of representation:

We the People present to representatives what needs to be enacted for government and commercial regulation

The representatives re-present what we have presented

The representatives also re-present information presented to them from other representatives back to We the People of the representatives district.

The People review (or not) and then present the vote for enactment or not.

The representative is bound by the Contract they voluntarily signed the oath to the Constitution and has no lawful authority to vote for anything that is in violation of the prohibitions of the Coinstitutional contract so even if the Constituents want them to vote for a prohibited activity the representive has already bound himself through contract and would stand in breach of duty to that contract if they voted for a prohibition.

If no qurom of constituents presents then representaive can only abstain because there is no presentment with instructions.

Its not like these representatives are supposed to great leaders with all the solutions, its that they should be the wisest to what lawful governance actually is and bind themselves to only re-present within the contractual bounds of duty.

In this logically correct concept of true representative republic then one can realize that literally NONE of the legislation in our lifetimes has ever been a lawful process of republican form of government. In short, the instructions must come from We the People, period!

If we actually practiced this to the tee we would be great with all the Chucklehead zombies because they would never participate or read anything and we never have qurom and thus almost nothing would ever get passed. I say almost nothing because the only things that would get passed would be things that are really affecting people. Common Law and the power accusation would handle everything else organically.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...