Comment: anyway, my whole point in posting this article is this.

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anyway, my whole point in posting this article is this.

we have two bullheaded governments right now, who are waging a war against each other and we as citizens are caught up right in the middle of it.

And instead of just setting around and complaining about it{which I'm doing}we could do be doing something about it.

That is why I have decided to take the initiative and try to post the website where we can sign a petition to which we could put a stop to this border war.

The fact is that I rarely go to Canada if ever but the whole idea is to try to do something about it politically I mean.

It would just be a great accomplishment if we work together from both sides and tried to normalize the border crossing as it once was. Perhaps there was a time when we needed strict security crossing these borders but I think the time is now to ease two it.

It would help both economies on both sides of the border and it could be a great accomplishment that we would show that we could actually change government policy by working together.

Now who's with me who would like to help me set up a website with petition for both Americans and Canadians to sign. To put an end to this irrational policy.

My opinion, is that you should only be held up for crimes that you committed within the last 10 years. I would think that that would show that you have justly paid for your crime and that you have shown sufficient standing that you are a good citizen and should be allowed to cross.

And this also goes for Canadians trying to cross the American border as well.