Comment: Its 2 steps forward, 3 steps back for me.

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Its 2 steps forward, 3 steps back for me.

I WANT to like Rand, I WANT a peaceful, political resolution to the coup detat that overthrew the government.... but after the filibuster of a warmongering neocon, he accepted Holder's non-answer answer and endorsed Brennan. I know, "playing politics" but it seemed like the golden opportunity to discuss the amoral use of drones on innocent people ANYWHERE, but instead Rand was just fine with droning Pakistan. And fine with droning Americans on US soil "in combat" - what does that mean?
I just feel like Rand is leading us down the primrose path. I have always held a chance the the whole Ron Paul thing was to get people like us to self-identify - my "5% rule." If I give a 5% chance that RP was used to set us up, then Rand's behavior looks pretty ominous. Even if the RP movement was 100% organic and legit, the elite would have been plotting how to rein us in, and getting to Rand would be the easiest way.
I don't know, that is the trouble. It still bothers me that Ron Paul cannot choke out a single sentence about the Franklin Scandal... or the indisputable crimes of 9-12... For Rand to be even more tight-lipped than his dad on the topics that matter most... I find myself drifting further and further from being able to support him. But, election season is still along ways off, I have no reason to make hard and fast decisions yet.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.