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If I could do college over, I would CLEP as much as possible. If you do go to college, look into CLEP (College Level Examination Program). CLEP is a test that you can take on subjects that you are either already familiar with, or study on your own, that will count as college credit. Depending on where you are looking to enroll you can knock out about a semester to a year of credit for a few hundred dollars and minimal effort. If I understand correctly, there are some restrictions, such as they must be completed within the first X many semesters and/or credits, so look into this before you start. Schools allow differing limits on CLEP credits, but it may be the case that a 4 year college/university may accept more if they were a part of a community college associates degree. If you are bright and motivated (which you seem to be), this could be a great option to look into.

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