Comment: Thanks for paying attention.

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Thanks for paying attention.

I think you're completely right. There are many other posts saying that Rand is gaining traction, vindicated, winning people over, etc. I've become more cautious.

To those who say that Rand is the middle-ground or the compromise between libertarians and the sheep-at-large, that's progressivism. Rand even openly says he's willing to compromise. By this point, he should have known better.

Barry Goldwater Jr sounds a lot like Barry Goldwater. Rand doesn't quite sound as much like his father. You can identify who has been listening to Ron Paul for a while. We start sounding a lot like him.

The focus should stay on the true principles, not the men. We can keep focusing our attention on those who have stayed true to these principles, such as Ron Paul and Andrew Napolitano. Anyone who is wishy washy is less interesting.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.