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Comment: Discounting is an acceptable business practice.

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Discounting is an acceptable business practice.

ANY business can offer ANY discount for ANY reason. Whether honoring coupons in the local paper, customers parroting "the phrase that pays", or because you are married to the owner's sister. The owner decides who pays what and when.

Suppose, for example, that you are buying a half gallon of milk from your local QuikkStopp and the price quoted is two and a half Federal Reserve Digits ($2.50). Suppose further that the proprietor has posted a sign along the lines of "Ask about our 96% GOLD and SILVER cash discount." For that 2.50FRD half gallon, you offer a silver dime (minted prior to 1965). Taxes are assessed at the DISCOUNTED price, so they are applied in this case against Ten Cents United States Legal Tender (USLT). Keep supposing that this is a simple example and the sales' tax assessed is ten per cent. The clerk collects your silver dime, plus a one cent zinc token (also USLT) with which he can resolve his statutory liability to the state, county, or other organized band of armed parasites.

Carry silver at all times, and make a habit of offering it in trade after enquiring after any discounts that the owner or manager might wish to offer.

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