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No one started out as an

No one started out as an anarchist although Ron has stated he believes some people are born libertarian. Most of the anarchists are former constitutionalists. Regarding Lew's history he discusses it at the beginning of part 1 (~1:30):

In part 2 Lew talks a lot about Ron and some about Murry coining anarcho-capitalist to make a distinction between the left wing socialist anarchists who do not respect property rights:

There is no way to jump the shark on a sourced exact quote of a question and response. Let us review some more of Ron's thoughts in an interview with ABC.

Or this interview "I don't like the use of force, I like voluntaryism":

Or this interview "... so you have described yourself as a voluntaryist ... we had a relative voluntary society in our early history":

A return to relative voluntary society would certainly be a lot better than we have now but I prefer voluntary society.