Comment: The reason they have "american soil"

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The reason they have "american soil"

Another thing that really kinda freaks me out about this whole drone debate is that it is "obviously not okay to kill an American on American soil without due process."

The only reason they state this is so that criminal or civil suits that have been brought against the killing of anwar al awlaki and his son have no possibility of winning. It gives them cover for these past crimes and possible future crimes. They are back-peddling on the authority to murder a citizen in the USA with a drone, but they certainly won't cede the power to do so abroad because they already have. If they suddenly claim they don't have that power abroad as well then the families will file more lawsuits and they will lose these lawsuits by admitting they didn't have the authority to begin with.

Unfortunate for this country that we have monsters hiding behind legalese and words to protect themselves from prosecution. It has come down to a sick game of gotcha. It should never have been allowed in the first place.