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Comment: I now consider the Book of Genesis

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I now consider the Book of Genesis

to be a re-writing of history from the Hebrew monotheistic perspective. The older, more detailed accounts, referred to "gods." In the earliest written accounts (Sumerian), a "god" was one of "those who from heaven to Earth came," one of the Anunnaki who descended to Earth in their flying machines, genetically engineered crop plants and livestock and, after repeated attempts, succeeded in blending their own DNA with "early man" to produce a slave race "in their own image and likeness," us.

I know this sounds wacko and absolutely heretical to anyone who has lived with the Bible as their constant companion and has otherwise not delved into ancient writings, but I see overwhelming evidence of very ancient advanced civilizations on Earth, so advanced as to raise serious question that they could be be terrestrial in origin. And since we are now poised on the brink of "god-like" breakthroughs in genetic engineering, it hardly seems strange to imagine representatives of older, more advanced civilizations being able to do what the Sumerians say they did.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.