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Comment: What you don't get

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What you don't get

Rand saved many of Ron's delegates because most of us had no clue the GOP was intending to hold us to loyalty oaths. I thought I could "be like Ron Paul", and I could go into my committee and vote how I want, just like Ron. Well, I was wrong, and I was far from alone. No one on the hill had paid any attention to "crazy uncle", but everyone was paying attention to the people joining the GOP because of the "crazy uncle", and we were getting removed off of committees.. When Rand endorsed Romney.. I wrote a WTF post.. and then I began getting tips from inside that GOP was holding us to Romney.. and the only consulation I could give myself was that I want to hold them to the constitution.. and Rand shows us how we do that.. because when you are in the GOP, that has a structure, (even corrupt) ... Ron didn't run to win.. he ran to deliver a message, and some of us who took that message, joined the GOP and understand Rand from a completely different level than those who are too good to be in the GOP, too good to work for Liberty, too good in the name of priciple to join us.