Comment: This is really encouraging.

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This is really encouraging.

When I posted this I was like "I really hope people are going to get what I'm trying to say here." As if this is an extremely complicated grey area.

Now I'm sitting here going "of course they agree with me! Murder is MURDER!" and wondering why I'm so shocked that we all agree on this point. I will say that any PTB Scum that happened to click on this thread is probably quaking in their boots because WE AGREE ON SOMETHING = we're not divided = we're not FIGHTING AMONGST OURSELVES = WE CAN SEE THE CHAINS!

I feel like the entire herd just picked their head up from the grass at once. (Please don't take offense... I often feel like the only one actually paying attention even though there are MILLIONS of us... after 20 years of being a "lone wolf" it's takes a while for that "stigma" to wear off of my own psyche.)

I can't think of anything off the top of my head with respect to liberty and the constitution that is NOT black and white. It's the grey area where they get you... if they can convince you there is one shade of grey... they can take every shade until all that's left is white and at that time it's probably going to be too late to rein in the insanity.