Comment: That's a good suggestion (((((Nonna)))))

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That's a good suggestion (((((Nonna)))))

Doesn't that YouTube say that Travis voted to support the use of drones? Did I hear the same speach by Rand as Travis?

I think it is very important to replace the Neocons who support the Neoliberals in the Democratic Party.. Travis is right about that, and it's why there is no competititon on the coasts,, the parties have been infiltraited and are being controlled by global corporate powers.. still.. and I asked ((((MN)))) permission to post, and that was only after the poster ((((Missy)))) encouraged me, by offering me financial help to go to the convention.. and I'm glad I did.. it really made a big difference, perhaps because I am proud of the strings attached ((((((DP family))))))).